Here is where you’ll find all of the resources, tools, and products that have helped me, and continue to help me daily.  I collect and make easily available, links to the tools that have helped me, and I’m sure can help you with every part of your business and life.

Affiliate and Associate Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, some of the links below are affiliate or associate links, which means that in some (not all) cases I may receive a referral commission (without affecting your price). I only recommend products, services, and systems that I use and love myself.  Your support in purchasing through these links is much appreciated and enables me to continue to bring you value. Thank you! 🙂

Need a Good Book?

Without question, the single biggest change factor for me has been a commitment to personal development, and my favorite form for consumption is books.  This page contains a list of the books that I have found most helpful, and highly recommend.

Got Some Time in the Car or During Your Workout?

Another practice that has become a big part of how I’ve reshaped my day and have literally found hours that I didn’t think I had, is that I have converted much of what used to be entertainment time into useful time.  “Useful” being business time, learning time, and more focused family time.  Two big areas of conversion are the time spent in my car and time spent working out.  Whereas I used to listen to sports radio, or music, or pure entertainment content, I now listen audio books from and podcasts that help me learn.

Start Creating Stuff Online

Here are the building block services to help you create your website or blog.

Hosting Service and Domain Names

Bluehost is what I have found to be the best hosting service for building anything with WordPress, which this site is built upon. This site is hosted on Bluehost, as well as all of my sites.  They provide excellent service for those that don’t have any technical skills as well as those that wish to do everything themselves, and all the in-between. They also provide excellent Domain Name registry services, and a domain is included as part of your package.

WordPress Themes and Plugins


Elegant Themes produces the beautiful and easy-to-use Divi these, plus a family of themes and a host of awesome plugins, including the powerful and user-friendly Divi Builder plugin. This site, and all of my sites, use the Divi theme as well as the Divi Builder plugin. One price gets you access to the entire Elegant Themes product line.

Get Healthy!


Healthy, Simplified!  Whether you’re a pro athlete, or a weekend warrior, or someone who is just trying to get healthier, or someone who has real medical issues to manage, IDLife is providing real solutions, and taking the confusion out.  I have been a user and associate for over 2 years now.  Customized Nutrition, just for me, plus a whole lineup of healthy workout and daily use products that help me look and feel better, have more energy, and sleep like a baby.  This opportunity is one of the ways in which I am helping people change their lives, and has changed mine in the process.  Please contact me anytime to discuss real solutions for your life.

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