Hey! Right NOW, this is what’s happening in my life…

(Updated Dec 27, 2017)

This will be a little longer than normal due to some year-end, 2017 wrap-up kinds of thoughts.

Day Job (Software Development)

I currently run and contribute to a development team that does (not-so-traditional) DevOps and Tools for a biometrics technology company called IDEX.

Here are some of my current interests in that world:

  • I’ve really started to hone in on how to hire the right people.  Not to be overly horn-tooty, but I did an awesome job hiring the DevOps team 😉
  • I’m so thankful for our team and how far we’ve come in 2017.  We started 2017 with just me, and now we have a full team and are making a real difference for IDEX.
  • 2018 will be the year of Automation for us:  namely test automation (for our biometrics devices) and process automation…doing more work with less humans.
  • I was reminded of how much I really like Python to solve MOST development problems in the automation world.  Almost all of our automation will be driven through Python, and I’ve spent that last couple of weeks back in it.
  • Python 2 or Python 3??? hmmm….
  • We are an Agile team, but the struggle with real workflow, in a real environment, on a real (hardware + software) product, with real people…is real.

Other Work

I currently work with a Health & Wellness company, run this blog (and help my wife Chris with hers), and provide coaching and consulting services for home, online, and side business entrepreneurs.

  • Just thinking about the last year in Chris and I’s IDLife business….2017 was a great year for our team!  That, right there, is the most satisfying and humbling thing we can do.  I’m so thankful, and the best is yet to come.
  • We are currently brainstorming how we can help our team be even awesome-er in 2018.  Got some GREAT stuff lined up for training and value.
  • I’m currently helping a good friend, and great human, to get her online business rolling. She’s a creative superstar and I’m so thankful for being a small part of helping her roll.
  • I’ve come so far on how to structure and create blog posts.  I have many, many miles to go, but when I look back on 2017, I made some huge strides.
  • We’re doing some really exciting stuff with Beacons and proximity marketing…stay tuned!

What I’m Reading and Listening To

  • Recently finished “Start with Why”, by Simon Sinek. LOVED IT, and I highly recommend it. It basically points out that the most successful companies, and by extension marketing campaigns and employee motivation programs, focus on WHY they do what they do. We are actually motivated (for purchases and otherwise) by WHY more than the WHAT or the HOW.  I liked it so much, I gave it to my 13-year old son as a Christmas gift.
  • Starting now on “Capital Gaines”, by Chip Gaines.  Received this as a gift, and although I don’t really know who Chip Gaines is, I’m intrigued and excited to dig in.
  • I’m presently in Isaiah in the Bible.
  • My 3 goto podcasts right now are:
    • Self-Made Man, by Mike Dillard
    • Art of Charm, by Jordan Harbinger
    • Home Business Profits, by Ray Higdon
  • We are still in the Christmas season, so Trans-Siberian Orchestra is receiving heavy play when listening to music 🤘


  • I’ve been eating gluten free since September (Chris and my daughter Maddie are celiac).  I’m GF now because I’ve tested positive for the gene that makes me technically allergic to gluten.  I was tested because I’m trying to find a solution for 25+ year war with GERD and PPI’s.  My goal is to get off of PPI’s. I’m 3 months in, and I can’t say that I’ve really noticed a difference, but it’s a 6-month trial period.
  • Whether or not GF helps my GERD, I likely am GF for life now.  Besides living with others who have to GF, we are moving our diet more and more to a paleo/primal approach.  I think this is long term…and I’m great with it.
  • About 6 months ago, I successful got myself off of the flomax that I was taking for almost 10 years to help me urinate normally.  I attribute this entirely (because its the only thing that really changed) to my IDLife customized vitamins.  I’m back to normal there 🙂
  • Maddie is about to start her sophomore Gymnastics season with Ball State University.  This ushers in an exciting, and road-tripping next 3 months!
  • I’m thankful to be working with Dr. Tommy John on a rehab and retraining period.  It’s frustrating because I’m not getting the types of workouts in that I like (i.e., strength and endurance workouts).  But I realize that this is a necessary step. My poor mechanics have likely led to all of the hamstring and shoulder issues that I have.
  • Next summer, I’m hoping to compete in an IM 70.3 as well as the Spartan Trifecta….I’m gonna need to not be hurt.
  • I’m constantly working on my mindset.  Now I’m focused on intentional gratitude and upping my awareness of being thankful (hopefully reflected in this now post).


  • Getting better at leading teams, including being a better project manager.
  • Getting better at seeing big-picture applications for the technologies that I use.
  • Controlling my mindset.
  • Being a better communicator, both professionally and with my family.
  • Goal setting for johnmaconline and Team Mac for 2018.
  • Shedding some pounds that creeped in as I have severely stepped down my training.
  • I love great beer…looks like great beer is behind me now…GF makes it almost impossible.
  • Parenting 🙂

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