Who Am I?

I help home and side business entrepreneurs with the mindset, personal investment, and activity they need to succeed. I focus there because well…that’s me. My journey, the struggles and successes I’ve had, and the things I’ve learned can help other entrepreneurs get to success and build that passive income and find the time freedom that much faster with less struggle for themselves. I love my day gig as a software team leader and developer in the technology industry. But I also continue to pour myself into my home and side businesses because of the other interests and goals I have. In addition to my blogging and courses on johnmaconline.com, I currently have businesses in network marketing and real estate investing. My past journey also includes ventures into technology startups and trading more hours for dollars with contracting and consulting. I’ve done all this (some successfully and some not successfully) while continuing to hold a demanding full time job, lead a great family life with an awesome wife and 3 amazing kids, and continuing to feed my need to participate in sports and endurance events.

My Journey…

I am on a journey, as you are, as we all are.  And my journey is taking me here:

  • Positively impact others daily
  • Grab hold of, control, and create my own destiny
  • Teach others how to live life abundantly

I have been very blessed.  I have an awesome wife and children…awesome friends…awesome extended family…awesome spiritual family and community…and quite frankly have a comfortable life.  But these life goals have not been arrived at because of something I’m lacking.  They have been arrived at because of something fulfilling.  They have been arrived at because of the desire and the calling that God has put on my heart.

Each of these life goals deserves its own story telling, and at some point, maybe these stories will be told in detail in this blog.  But for now, I will simply highlight them.

The first goal of positively impacting others has been on my heart since I was a child.  It may not have been concrete when I was young, but the sand and crushed stones were there and waiting to be combined properly.  These ingredients were mixed and the concrete was formed during my experiences as a youth group leader, occasional mission worker, and simply being a human in this world.  There is more depth to this story that will come out as part of this website and blog.

The seeds for the second goal of controlling my own career destiny came about as a cog in the great American corporate machinery.  As an engineer and software developer in the corporate world for over 20 years, I have been fortunate to have made a good living.  However, at the end of the day, I still have absolutely zero job security.  Every year, sometimes multiple times per year, I am dodging the layoff bullets, and sometimes in get HIT!  The latest time being the fall of 2016.  Corporate restructuring…leadership changes…business direction changes…circumstances…these are all things over which I HAVE NO CONTROL!

This lack of control became crystal clear during the mid-2000’s on a particular project (that you all literally know well), and started my brain in motion on the concepts of the employee vs owner mindset.  That was 12 years ago, and the train’s been moving ever since.  Here comes the full disclosure…Since then, I’ve traded more hours for more dollars doing consulting/contracting work at night, I’ve tried (and failed at) 2 tech startups, and started my own real estate investing company (with some success and some failure).  These were extremely important steps in my journey, plus I’ve been learning at the feet of some ultra-successful leaders…and NOW, I’ve found the proper fit for me.  Part of it is manifested here in this website and blog, and part of it is manifested in my health and wellness work.

More About Me and My Family…

My why and my passion starts with my family, so here we are…

I’m one of those weekend warrior endurance athletes.  I love triathlons (short ones), Spartan races, mountain biking, running, road cycling, swimming (sort of), and generally all things for staying in shape. This blog will reflect that.  I am also a man of the Christian faith, and that shapes everything about me: my worldview, my outlook on people, and my outlook on purpose.  I believe wholeheartedly that your spiritual life is the biggest piece to your puzzle.

Places to find me and Connect

I would love to connect with you on social media, or email, or whatever!  There is one thing that I know for sure…and it’s that there are 7.4 Billion people on this planet from whom I can learn each and every day.

  • If you are a social endurance athlete, you likely know Strava.  You can find me here on Strava.
  • I’m a Suunto user, and all of my workouts actually go directly to here on Movescount, and then are moved to Strava
  • My username on most social media outlets is johnmaconline (it is indeed challenging to have a ubiquitous name):


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